Thursday, January 17, 2013


Wednesday I received an actual e-mail from a Dr that saw Todd on Tuesday.  He made some very valid observations and recommendations.  I am very grateful for his suggestions.  Now if we can get Alpha Homes and his caregivers on board, we might be able to see some improvement in Todd's weight.  We also had lunch brought in at work compliments of one of my favorite vendors.  It was delicious!  I sent Tralee's birthday box out and saw Tralee and her Mom on FaceTime.

Thursday was a good day at work.  I had plenty to do and that makes me happy!   Jim brought leftover Chips & Guacamole home for a snack and I made Tomato Basil Soup and Cheese Sandwiches for dinner.  That was so easy.  I decided to plug in NaNa's old heat pad to set my feet on while I work on the computer.  It's working!  Now when I get into bed my feet will not be ice cubes like they normally are.

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