Saturday, January 26, 2013

4 AM Comes Early

It was temple day today.  I'm becoming a little less stressed some of the time.  Other times it's like my brain fogs up.  Like when I saw Jim was standing there listening to me doing my job.  My lines just flew away.  Double embarrassing.  Luckily, I recovered.

This has been a sad week.  My father is in the VA Hospital and has cancer.  He's had a horrible raw spot on his arm for more than a year now and it's gotten progressively worse.  I know medicine is not an exact science, but I think they are probably wrong as much or more than they are right to the detriment of many.  I hope they can find some way to help alleviate his fears and I pray for peace and comfort for him and Mom.  It was great to hear Jody, Paul and Scott all came by yesterday to visit.  That meant a lot to Dad.

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