Monday, November 4, 2013

Trip to Boise, Idaho

 I had not expected to visit Leslie for a whole week, but Jimmy was willing to help me get there more reasonably, and the best offer was to be there for a week!  I did not really get excited about going until a few days before.  Jim is always excited for me to go too, because he can have his cave time.

I flew Delta and had to remove some stuff from my duffle so they would not make me check my luggage.  Lucky for me I had an extra plastic bag with handles that served me well.  Flight was uneventful and before I knew it I was in Boise.  Leslie had the house looking GREAT!  Both children came to the airport because Tralee had a cough so she stayed home from school.  Jim came home and took us all to the Tuscano Grill.  Leslie had a birthday coupon.  I love that place!  It's fun and delish!  Kids were great.

Thursday morning Leslie made us a smoothie for breakfast and we went shopping.  My plan was for us to do Christmas shopping together.  That way she could help pick stuff out for the children and we could both have fun doing it.  We did have fun!  After school we loaded up the car and took off for the wild.  Jim had rented a hotel up in the mountains and planned for us to go hiking on Friday.  We stopped for him to fish at a river on the way up and he caught a nice trout.  We had to figure out a way to keep it frozen.  Jim was pretty prepared for gutting it.  We stopped at a gas station and they had hot dogs for dinner.  I had a Subway Salad.  It was great.  I had not tried one of their salads before.  The hotel was great.  Once we arrived the kiddos wanted to go swimming.  This place had a nice pool, a hot tub and a sauna.  We used them all and had a great time.  Tralee LOVES the water!  Hunter loves the hot tub!

They had a nice breakfast at the hotel.   After eating and checking out we headed into the wilderness.  Hiking was not for the faint hearted.  It is real work.  The trail was very stony and steep and was pretty hard even going downhill.  Heading back up at the end was a bigger challenge.

Jim caught another trout on our way home so we had two nice ones for a fish fry Friday night.  We also stopped to pick up a Strawberry Rhubarb Pie and discovered some awesome pumpkins for carving.  I did not remember how talented Jim Jacobs is at this!  They had some other veggies we needed for the stew Leslie planned for us to make for Sunday's dinner.

We made Jim do some shopping with us too, because we wanted him to get something for Christmas that he could pick out as well.  I think we did that Saturday.

Saturday afternoon Leslie, Jim and Tralee had to get made up to do the Thriller Dance in downtown Boise.  That was really fun.  I was supposed to record them, but I was not in the right location and was not able to do it.  Made me feel awful.  I would have loved to record them.  Watching them practice at home was fun and Tralee did a great job!  We picked up a Costco Chicken for dinner Saturday.

I know Leslie and I had to go out Saturday evening to finish getting the groceries for our Sunday dinner.  I got ready for church Sunday morning, but little Hunter did not feel well and it was Stake Conference so Leslie and Jim went and I stayed home with the littles.

Monday Jim had to leave for the West Coast and Leslie and I worked on organizing Hunter and Tralee's closets.  She did an awesome job and both Tralee and Hunter really appreciate the new clothes.  Monday evening we had some last minute shopping and exchanging to do and I let each kiddo purchase one fun thing for Christmas.  Tralee wanted an art kit from Costco and Hunter wanted an Angry Bird game from Target.
Tralee loves to model.  She really has a knack for putting outfits together!

Leslie is happy to have Mom come for a visit!

More modeling!

I love this suit.  Alas, it was too small and we had to take it back!

This one is fine!

Isn't she cute!

I don't think Leslie looks like her dog!

Hunter loved the patriotic shirt I brought him.  Leslie was not a fan of the tucked in look, but it was
too big on him without tucking it in.

This was the river where Jim caught two Trout.

Picture from our hike.

We had this nice one for dinner!

Wow!  This was an awesome area!  No fish would bite here though.
You could see them jumping, but they could not be coaxed into biting.

Beautiful World Created for Us!

Our little Princess!

It must be love, right?

This was a great day in every respect!

Hunter was ready to leave and Jim had enough of those darn fish not biting.

Tralee made up for Thriller!

Hunter showing off the Halloween pumpkins his Daddy carved!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Trip To Wisconsin - Labor Day Weekend

We drove to Wisconsin for Labor Day.  It was a nice long weekend and we fit a lot of activities into it.  Jimmy had a nice grilled steak dinner Saturday evening for Brady's birthday.  Steaks were great, the second time we put them on the grill.  Jim Sr insisted we use the old Weber Grill which meant we had to buy a new grate because the old one was rusted through and I would not eat anything made on that.  Amy saved the lawn for me to mow, but the kids were both at sleepovers when I got there so I started a project in a flower bed in the front yard.  It was bigger than I thought and Jimmy was wishing I hadn't started it by evening.  It looked great once we finished though.  Amy and I snuck off to Kohl's for a bit and both bought the same pair of workout pants.  They were size small (mine) & extra small (hers).  I believe they might have been mismarked.  I really like mine, so might not use them to work out in.

Sunday we drove up to Grandma Stoehr's and visited with her.  She made a great picnic lunch and we took a nice drive around the area.

Monday NaNa made her famous brunch.  Amy went to Madison, but we saved her some crepes.  Jim & I watched a movie with NaNa and had some popcorn Monday night.  I didn't stay at Jimmy's because the kiddos had school on Tuesday.

Tuesday we had to leave, but it was great spending some time with those we love.

Brady could not finish his piece of birthday cake!
Brady's Birthday - Kevin was getting ready to put his arm around Maritza, but ended up banging her in the head!  It was pretty funny!

Uncle Mike & Aunt Mary brought Brady & Haylee little surprise packages.  Mary is so good about that.

Bother and sister at Jimmy's

This is better of Kev & Maritza.  Jimmy is checking out Brady's Ice Cream Cake.  It was OK, but not worth the $30 something Jim  Sr paid for it!  Sometimes I have to rein in my hubby or he goes overboard!  This picture is taken in Jimmy's back yard.  It's huge!

Jimmy even has a gas campfire for ambiance!

Picture taken in Shawano County when we went to see Grandma Stoehr and her new apartment.  This was the backyard of an old Catholic Monastery which the Indians took over several years ago and now it is deteriorating.  It's a fun place to go investigate.  An Indian came out of the woods when we were leaving and told Jimmy to get out!

Brady checking things out.  

Haylee  looking adorable.

By the river.

Stopped to look for Geo Cashing?  Not sure how that is spelled, but you know.

Jimmy at Grandma Stoehr's

Brady at Grandma Stoehrs

Geo Cashing Stop

The old crumbling Monastery

Leaving the Monastery

Update! Better Late Than Never!

Here are a few pictures from our Family Vacation with Jim Jr family.  We headed to Hershey, PA, Arlington National Cemetary and Gettysburg.  There was a lot of driving, but we had a lot of fun.  I didn't take very many pictures.  I feel bad now that this is all I have.  We did eat in a lot of fun places.  One place sucked and it was the seafood place!  It's really fun traveling with Jimmy because he can find out anything about everything on the road and has every kind of gadget necessary for every project you might want to undertake.  Love that son of mine.   He makes life truly entertaining, plus he is patient and kind and never seems to get ruffled.  Amy and my grandchildren were great too.  One disappointment was the cost of Hershey Park and the fact that we could not win a ball for Brady as hard as the whole family tried.  Haylee on the other hand won a whole family of Squids and a couple Teddy Bears which all have names and made our drives very entertaining indeed.  Let's see if I can remember them - Winter and Penny were the bears, Summer, Inky, Autumn and Spring were the Squids.  Then Mom added Neon (A Big Pillow Pet Doggie) to Haylee's collection.  I don't know what it is about stuffies and the Jim Jr family!?!?!?!

Our Cabin at Hershey's High Meadow's Campground

Haylee's Bunk is on the top.

This was the living quarter's of our Cabin!

Waiting for Jimmy at Arlington National Cemetary.

Driving to Hershey!

I have no clue where this was.

No clue where this was either.

Fun at the Ocean.  Waiting for the big ones!

This was more fun to watch than getting pummelled by the waves.  Both Brady and Haylee said the salt water tasted horrible, but they kept going back for more.

Waiting for the kiddos to have enough of salt water.


Parking lot at Gettysburg.

Inside the tourist facility at Gettysburg.

Great likeness of Abraham Lincoln.

Not as great!

Still waiting for Jimmy to get back with something he forgot in the car at Arlington.

Brady after being pummeled!

He didn't mind going back for more.