Sunday, August 23, 2015

St George - August 2015

Just returned from an awesome week in St George to visit the newest member of our family, Clover Valentine.  She is adorable and so cuddly.  We flew into Las Vegas and had a room at the Desert Rose there for a week.  I wish Leslie would have said sooner that we were dingbats for getting a room in Vegas when we spend most of the time in St George.  Jim liked taking in the entertainment of Vegas, but this trip he discovered there is a place close to St George where he can get his fix on Vegas entertainment so in the future, we will not have to spend time in Vegas if we do not want to.  That will allow us to spend more time and money with the family!  Jim J was finishing a job in Canada and didn't return home until Tuesday.  He and Jim Sr played golf one day and both played very well!   When we arrived on Saturday afternoon we headed to Costco to pick up some grub.  I had also promised the kiddos I would take them shopping for something special.  Grandpa drove us to Justice and was a real trooper while we shopped.  It took a LONG time to find something Tralee loved.  Hunter picked out his Maushee Monsters right away.  It was SOOOOOO HOT in St George this past week.  Over 100 every day.  Leslie had a list of things she wanted help with and they were pretty easy and things I enjoyed doing so it was a breeze.  I brought the game Mexican Train Dominos for the family and we had a good time playing that through the week.  We had great food all week, either going out or on the Traeger Grill.  Hunter and Tralee had started school already so there was ample time to get to know Clover.  On Friday, after the kids got home from school, Grandpa and I headed back to Vegas and spent Friday night and Saturday on our own.  It was still very HOT, but we managed to get our 10,000 steps in Saturday and enjoyed a fantastic dinner at Brio before we took a nap and headed to the airport.  Now our vacation time is about spent except for a few holidays so I'm dreaming of retiring someday and hoping to have resources to enjoy it!
Tralee modeling in her church clothes Sunday.
Hunter & Tralee ready for church.

My beautiful daughter, just finished getting Clover ready for church.
Grandpa waiting to leave for church.
Hunter and Tralee playing with Hunter's Mauchee Monsters.  Not sure how to spell that, but it will have to do.  They actually spent a LOT of time playing with those little monsters!
Tralee modeling one of the outfits we picked out at Justice.  Is she not adorable?
Our little Angel!
Daddy's Home!  Boy does the house light up when he shows up.
Grandpa with our little one.
Tralee with Clover.
Hunter kisses Clover about 100 times a day!  He loves his little sister!
Here she is!  Very alert and wants to see everything going on around her!
So cute!
Hunter's new shoes.  This was the second shopping excursion.  It took a LONG time to find the right shoes for Hunty.  These met his criteria once he tried them on.  They were air foam and very comfortable so even though they were not Star Wars, they met his very high expectations. 
This was Tralee's pick from the second shopping excursion.  I can't believe we got Grandpa to take us a second time.  He would never do that for me.  Tralee picked an outfit from the Descendent's Collection.  We watched the Disney movie while I was there.  Very cute!  Hunter found the racks, Tralee and I both spotted the skirt, but Tralee found the top to go with it.  Love it!  Looks great on her! 
Hunter is playing in the back yard.  It is huge and still needs to be finished, but for right now it is a little boys treasure.  He played out there even though it was 100+ outside!
NaNa wanted a picture of all of us, but this is the best we could do.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Yard Beautification

A week ago our neighbor mentioned that Petitti's was having it's annual buy one get one free hanging basket sale on Saturday.  He said it started at 7:00 am and ended at 9:00 am.  For some reason I thought all week we needed to get there at 9:00 am.  At 8:45 I looked out the window and saw beautiful new hanging baskets in our neighbor's yard.  They were outside so I said, "How did you get your basket's already?"  He reminded me of the time.  Jim said, let's head over.  It will only take 10 minutes to get there.  I called on the way and they said it ends at nine and we would be out of luck.  We headed over anyway.  Found what we wanted and stood in line.  When we got to the check out the cashier said, "Do you have a ticket?"  We said we did not and she said no matter, but you only have three baskets.  All over the store there were signs saying, "Buy two get one free."  Jim and I thought that was what the special was.  The cashier said, "Go on back and grab another basket." It turned out great!!!!  I LOVE the flowers.  They are gorgeous.  Hope they last a while.

Yesterday we went back to Petitti's to get flowers for pots, some garden seeds and soil.  It ended up being a larger expenditure than Jim had planned and a lot more work for me.  Happy Gardening!  More pictures to come.
Flower's for Mother's Day From Jim Jr Family 
Another View
Broccoli - It's looking even better now! 
Rhubarb - I made an amazing Torte - Jim would not even try it.
Two of my Pettiti Baskets
Got this one from the Buchanan's when they came over for dinner.
We got one orange for the deck because that is the color the neighbor's have on their deck 
The third pink one is in the front yard.
Jim Sr insisted on getting a storm door last year so we can open it in the summer and have screen access.  I still love the color he picked out for the front door.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Las Vegas - St George Visit

Jim had made plans to go for a Spring Break of sorts to Las Vegas and to visit Jim and Leslie.  Then Jim and Leslie bought a new home.  I decided it would be prudent for me to tag along because Leslie might need my help being pregnant and moving.  Lucky for us, Jim had all the furniture moved and I just needed to help with the unpacking and clean up.  We flew in on a Saturday.  Got to Vegas fairly early and drove to St George.  We had a great day running around, stocking up on groceries, etc.  We attended their new ward on Sunday.  Beautiful building.  We did burgers on the Traeger.  Jim J got in late Sunday night and he and Jim Sr went to play golf on Monday morning.  Jim Sr had a great game (I think maybe Jim Jacobs let him win).  Before Jim Sr went back to Vegas to meet up with Jim Jr, he discovered where the Major's lived and went to visit them.  Leslie and I worked hard on cleaning their old house and organizing the new one.  We got a LOT done and also had a great time.  Jim Jr rented a nice big vehicle and came from Vegas to St George on Wednesday.  We went out to eat and then drove to a park where we played in the sand, flew remote airplanes and visited a lava cave.  Thursday we headed to Vegas and spent it swimming, eating, attending the Tournament of the Kings, golfing and just being together.  It was great!  Jim Sr said he was rested and ready to go back to work, but now is excited about moving to St George.  Oh Boy!!!!  That will be a while though.
Two pregnant friends.  This is the Jacobs basement that needs to be finished, but once it is it will be awesome!
Playing in the sand at the park.
On our way to the Lava Cave.
Hunter making his crown for his birthday celebration at school. 
Cactus in bloom.
Jim read a book to the kids for Hunter's birthday and it was hilarious.  The kids love Jim!
Lava Cave.
Coming out of the cave in a different spot from where they entered.
Buried in the sand.
Handsome Hunter.
Flying the airplanes.  It was windy, but they managed to have fun anyway.

The Luxor at Vegas.  This is where Jim & Leslie stayed.  We stayed at the Tahiti Village. 
Another sand burial.
The night scene.
Mother and Daughter at the Park
St George Temple.  You can see it from Jim & Leslie's house.  Their ward building has another ward building right next to it.  Amazing!

Major's Home

While we were in St George checking out Jim and Leslie's new home, Jim paid a visit to the Majors.   Friends that used to live in Mequon, but moved to St George a few years ago.  They live in a gated community and their home is amazing.  Here a just a few pictures.

Not sure if you call this a sort of office/library?
This is the theater room.
This is a covered area, but outside.  It has a nice fireplace too, not pictured.
This is the kitchen outside in the pool area.
This is an outside shower.  They have several inside, but this one is outside the master bedroom and a bird keeps trying to build it's nest on a small ledge.
This is part of the master closet.  There are wood or glass doors on all the clothing areas and this large table in the middle.  There is a small washer and dryer combo in the closet as well.  That is not the only washer/dryer though.
This is a great room off the kitchen area.  It's breathtaking.  You look out at the lazy river pool and the mountains.
Not sure where this is.  I think its part of the kitchen/great room area.
Part of the kitchen facing the front yard. 
This is the kitchen stove area.  The hood over the range was designed by a famous artist.  They hardly ever cook, they go out to eat usually.  This is one of three kitchens.  There is also a kitchen area in a Cassida (extra living area) they have for guests.  The other kitchen is pictured above and it outside.

Dining Area
Close up of the clock over the mantel.  It came from Milwaukee.
Front Entrance
Spare Bedroom
Had to include this one because the mirror took a picture of all of us while I was taking a picture of the bathroom.
Another neat clock.
View from the back yard.
One of the fireplaces in the back yard.
Another back yard view.
Lazy River Swimming Pool in the back yard.
Front yard.
Had to get a picture of this Spanish Chest.  Mike was especially excited about having found just what he was looking for.  Unfortunately it was in Spain and he had quite a struggle getting it shipped and delivered.  He was happy to find the picture above it which goes perfectly with the Chest.