Friday, October 31, 2014

Trip to St George & Las Vegas

We had been looking forward to a trip to St George and Las Vegas for a while and it was finally time to leave.  The flights there were uneventful and no problems.  We picked up the rental car in Vegas and headed for St George pretty late Saturday Oct 18th.  Got there after midnight.  Sunday Jim J put some marinated beef on the Traeger Grill while we were at church.  Dinner was delicious!  We drove to Zion's National Park Sunday afternoon.  It was gorgeous.  Jim Sr twisted his knee climbing and had a hard time sleeping for a few nights.  Monday we had smoked salmon on the Traeger which I thought was exceptionally terrific.  Jim Sr finished the beef from Sunday.  Leslie is the "best" chief cook.  I cannot remember what we did specifically on Monday.  I guess just hung out.  We did go to pick up some Vodka for marinating the salmon.  Leslie made delicious smoothies in the morning with almond milk, banana, chocolate, coconut oil and peanut butter.  She even put spinach and chia seeds in them.  Jim and I have been on a detox kick by making a honey, cinnamon, apple cider vinegar and water drink in the mornings.  Leslie joined us, but Jim J was not a fan.

Tuesday we headed for Las Vegas to see what our room at Tahiti Village was like.  It was great!  The swimming pool and Lazy River were wonderful too.  There was also a sandy beach at one area of the pool and a hot tub which Tralee and Hunter enjoyed.  The whole atmosphere there was awesome.  Tuesday night for dinner we went to a buffet at Circus Circus and it was fine, but nothing to write home about.  I told the kiddos I would get them something while we were there.  Tralee found some little Hamsters that were battery operated.  They are adorable.  I was buying hers when the cashier said I could have a second one for half price.  It was a good deal and both children were happy.  The two Jim's went out gambling after we ate because Jim J had to be back in St George for a flight on Thursday morning.  

Wednesday morning we went to Denny's for breakfast.  It was right at Tahiti Village and I thought my veggie omelet was one of the best I've had.  Everyone else seemed satisfied too.  We spent a lot of time at the pool and Lazy River on Wednesday.  Leslie, the children and I went back to St George with Jim J and left Jim L to enjoy some cave time.  We also had to get back to St George for the Annual Jacobs Pumpkin Carving and Fright Night.  This is a big deal.  The event took place at the Jim Jacobs home so Leslie and Jim had to rush around to get refreshments and set up tables, etc.  It was a fantastic affair.  After it gets dark and the pumpkins are carved, all the lights go out except those in the pumpkins and those pumpkins come alive and chase the children.  Lots of screaming and frantic running around for a while.  I've been around for two such occasions and it is fun!

Leslie and I went out for Sushi on Thursday for lunch and did a little shopping and sightseeing.  We played with the kiddos and watched some TV.  Leslie brought dinner home Thursday night.  It was Mexican and delicious.  Friday we headed back to Las Vegas minus Jim J.  Leslie and I wanted to go to an all you can eat crab leg buffet on Friday and we did find one.  We did eat our fill of crab, but there was so much other food we wanted to try too that we were pretty full when we left.  Grandpa took the kids back to Denny's for dinner and was the sitter for the night.  He was even interacting with Hunter when we came home and I was impressed.  

Saturday Grandpa went to pick up breakfast at McDonald's.  We went sightseeing on the strip Saturday and ended with dinner at the Rainforest Cafe which was totally fun.  It thundered and lightening flashed every half hour and every fifteen minutes the animals would growl and howl and make noise.  I heard food was cheap in Vegas, but that is certainly not the case.

Before we went to the airport we went to Buffalo Wild Wings to eat.  It is a guys paradise or anyone's paradise who loves sports.  He enjoyed wings and I had a salad.  I seem to have a knack for being served rotten lettuce in my salads.  I am learning to say something now though.

When it was time to head back to Ohio we arrived at the airport to discover our plane was delayed 2-3 hours.  Jim had just checked the schedule before we left our room.  We had a nice long wait at the airport.  I have to complain about Frontier Airlines.  They suck.  The seats are the MOST uncomfortable things I have ever sat in.  Also they MAKE you check your luggage and charge $25 per duffle bag.  Our wonderful neighbor picked us up even though it inconvenienced him to come at 1 am.  We made it through work Monday even though we had little sleep.

Below are some pics of various excursions during our stay!

The Jacob's Residence with Tralee & Hunter

Driving through this for a couple hours is breathtaking!  Beautiful - Awesome - Loved it!
Zion's National Park

This is the trail where Jim Sr twisted his knee.

Hunter all ready for school.
Tahiti Village
Part of the pool at Tahiti Village.
Our bed at Tahiti Village.

The Ballagio Fall Flowers

Super Men
Part of the Fall Display at the Ballagio

Glass Flowers on the Ceiling at the Ballagio

Pumpkin Carving at the Jacobs

Leslie showing me some sights in St George

Hunter & Tralee in our room at Tahiti

Ready to go to the strip

A trip through M&M's
A commercial we did at Hershey's
Saturday Dinner at Rainforest Cafe

Last Morning at Tahiti Village - We did a little swimming and sunning.
A shame we didn't know our flight would be over two hours delayed.

Random Pics from August Trip to Wisconsin

We decided to go to Wisconsin in August so Grandpa could go with Brady to meet the Badgers in Madison.  They had a great time.  Haylee and I stayed behind.  We played a LOT of Little Pony Monopoly this trip compliments of Haylee.  She is really a fan of My Little Ponies right now.  Went to visit Todd and he was in good spirits.  NaNa served her Christmas Brunch again which we all LOVE!!!!!  

Brady refuses to pose for a decent picture Most of the Time!!!!

Photo Plops

                                              As Leslie would put it - Photo Plops

Fourth of July with Neighbors & Friends at Our House

Going for a Ride at the Metro Parks
On the Way to Gettysburg for our Bike Tour

Went to a top rated Ice Cream place in Gettysburg  - Big Disappointment - Our Mitchell's is way Better!

Getting ready to take off.
Half way through the ride at Gettysburg.
Lunch Break at Gettysburg

Indians Game with Neighbors
Great Neighbors
This was supposed to be above with Jim's picture at the Metro Parks.