Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Tralee's Baptism

Jimmy is my hero.  He helped get an airline ticket to St George for Tralee's baptism.  We were worried about the flights between Denver and St George because I only had 30 minutes to transfer.  All worked out.  It was great being in St George while Avon, Ohio had blizzard conditions.  To make matters more difficult for my hubby, he was not feeling all that well and we were taking care of Lucy (neighbor's dog).  Jim is better now and I am shouldering more of Miss Lucy's requirements.  

I arrived about 1 pm Friday and Jim J was working in Las Vegas.  Leslie picked up a fantastic Thai Soup and Entree for dinner that night.  I got started organizing Leslie's Pantry, which was one of her requests.  We also got her laundry caught up.  She wanted help organizing Tralee's room, but I did not make much progress with that.

My Grandchildren are so adorable.  We had a LOT of fun together.  We read from the Friend, worked in their activity books, played on the computer, watched Maleficent.  Leslie and I taught Tralee to play Monopoly and she beat our butts!!!!  I learned something from her and her dad.  Once he came home and the two of them played together, whatever they decided they needed to shake on the dice happened about 85% of the time.  I learned that you have to set goals, know what you are reaching for ahead of time and you will have a much better chance of arriving at your destination.

Monday Leslie allowed the children to miss school so they could spend time with their Dad.  It was his first whole day home after more than a week.  They would also be able to see Grandma Charlene off at the airport.  We went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast.  Then we drove to Dixie Point and did a little scouting around.  What beautiful country.

We did a little shopping on Saturday after Tralee's baptism.  I hoped to find a couple cute outfits for the new baby and a maternity outfit for Leslie, but instead we found some cute things for Hunter and Tralee.  They picked them out.  Hunter was very sure about what he wanted and put it on as soon as we got home.  He wore the nice warm fuzzy PJ's for two days straight.

 Front yard right before heading to the Stake Center for Tralee's Baptism.
 Family Picture at the Stake Center before the Baptism.
 Daddy and Daughter Picture.
 In their Baptism Clothing practicing Karate.
 Jay's family.  He works with Jim.
 This is Brinley.  She belongs to Jim's Brother John.
 Hunter and John's son Brody.
 John & Cassie - Jim's brother and sister-in-law.
 Some of the refreshments after the Baptism.
 Hunter & Jim at Cracker Barrel.
 Leslie at Cracker Barrel.
 Family at Dixie Point.
 Jim sent Tralee and Hunter up the Mountain through this crack in the rock, then he could not make it through.  He had to squeeze his way out and find another way up.
 Leslie at Dixie Point.
 Leslie at Dixie Point.
 Mother and Daughter - Dixie Point
 Jim lifting Hunter so he can see farther.  Hunter was not a fan.
John, Jim's brother and their oldest daughter.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Come to Think of It!?!?

After publishing my gratitude for the fantastic parenting skills of Jim and Leslie, I would be remiss if I didn't mention the remarkable talents of Jim and Amy as parents.  Whenever I read something in the Ensign about parenting or comment about something I might be worried about concerning my grandchildren, Jimmy has already implemented the suggestion in his home.  Example, tonight while conversing with Haylee, she mentioned she has chores, a LONG list of them.  I also suggested she earns an allowance because of this.  Amy is a powerhouse about homework.  Amy supports Brady in so many ways with his desire to be involved in sporting events.  There are restrictions with how much time they can spend gaming on the computer.  When in their home I see the love, concern and direction they provide to their children.  I wish I could take some credit for the exceptional parenting skills my children have, but I can't.  I am so very blessed and grateful though!


Jim and Leslie are great!  They lead a remarkable life.  I think if Leslie was my Mom instead of me being hers I would be a much different and much better person!  They just spent four days at Disneyland in California celebrating Tralee's eighth birthday all documented with the most remarkable pictures and videos of the trip.  I was sorry for it to end.  Just like when I read an exceptionally good book and it ends.  I have the hope, though, that when Hunter turns eight, I will get to accompany them to Disney because he wants the same present as his big sister.  I'm not quite sure how Leslie and Jim are so perfectly matched to be exceptional parents.  I'm just happy I get to be in on things as a surrogate because I get to view all the pictures and comments.  It's almost as good as being there.  Thanks Leslie for being terrific and being willing to share your talents with the rest of us!!!!!!

Monday, January 12, 2015

I'm Going to Be a Grandma Again!

On Christmas morning, Hunter & Tralee were each given a small package to open at the same time.  They were T-shirts.  Tralee's said, "I'm going to be a big sister again." and Hunter's said, "I'm going to be a big brother."  Tralee picked up on what that meant pretty fast and was super excited.  She started weeping/laughing tears of joy.  Hunter was not convinced this was a good thing, but I think he is coming around.  That was probably the most exciting present of the whole Christmas Season.  Leave it to Jim & Leslie to come up with a home run!  I hope Leslie has some You Tube Video's to post soon!

Christmas 2014

It was great getting off work a bit early on Tuesday, heading to Wisconsin for Christmas and having Wednesday through Sunday to be with our family.  DEI gave me Friday off just out of the goodness of their hearts!  I was very grateful.  Christmas Eve day Jim, Jimmy & I headed to Costco to get a Prime Rib and other fixings for dinner that night.  Mike & Mary wanted us to eat at their house.  We dropped the meat and mushrooms off and they did a superb job on the Prime Rib.  The whole dinner was fantastic.  Christmas Day I headed over to Jim & Amy's and we watched Tralee and Hunter do some present opening via FaceTime and then watched Brady and Haylee do the same.  After that we headed over to NaNa's for the famous Christmas Brunch.  That was also fantastic.  We had pizza and salad one night and Chinese another night.  Food was all great!  Spending time with family was  wonderful.  Had fun playing games with Brady & Haylee too.
On Friday we headed to Racine to visit Todd.  For Christmas he received an iPad Mini from the family and Jimmy spent a lot of time putting videos and music on it for Todd.  Jimmy also provided a pair of headphones.  We were not sure how Todd would handle this new technology, but he loved it.  He also really liked that the whole family came for a visit.   Brady is getting more used to Todd, but I think Haylee was a bit unsure.   Todd was happy & looked good.  Fed him lunch.
Did a little house keeping for Nana on Saturday.  Headed to church for Sacrament Meeting on Sunday and then back to Ohio.  Jim drove the whole way and I did some sleeping.  I love that drive when I can sleep.  All was well at home.  It was a bit sad to leave everyone behind.

 Christmas Eve at Mike & Mary's.
 Christmas Eve at Mike & Mary's
 Jim & I in front of Mike & Mary's Fireplace
 Haylee opening a card on Christmas morning
 Brady allowing me to get an actual face picture.
 Kevin & Mauritza at NaNa's Christmas Day
 NaNa's Christmas Day
 Christmas Day
 Our Wonderful Matriarch - NaNa
 NaNa's Christmas Day
 My wonderful and good looking hubby at his Mom's
 Mr Todd so happy to be with the family!
 That's my boy!
 Haylee in the wee hours of the morning.  Still tired from staying up too late.
 Brady on Minecraft in the wee hours of the morning.
 Todd when he was a little tyke
He was so cute!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

DEI Christmas Party

 Nativity at Jim & Char's House - Set up by Haylee & Amy
 Christmas Village made by Grandma Stoehr -Set up by Haylee & Amy

The DEI Christmas Party was at our Red Tail Country Club again this year.  All the mistakes made in the past did not happen this year.  I was pleasantly surprised at this blessing.  Everyone had a good time.  Our president even gave some uplifting words to everyone to build us up.  The Prime Rib, Chicken and Salmon were all good, the plates were heated, the salad was not wilted.  The evening was great.

 My very good friend Ann(DEI) and her husband Rick.
 Your's truly with my handsome husband Jim.
 Barbie (Cari)(DEI) and Ryan
 Eric (DEI) & Erin
 Sandy, Ken (DEI) and Sean (DEI) & Kristen
 Dan (DEI) Rajeana & Erik (DEI)

 Rajeana, Erik (DEI), Mark (DEI) & Meg
 Ed (DEI), Ruth, Steve & Jenn (DEI)
 Judy & (Doug (DEI), Ed (DEI) & Ruth
 Mike, Amy (DEI) & Brian (DEI)
 Dave, Dawn (DEI) & Nancy (DEI)
 Mike (DEI), Sandy, Mike (DEI)
Lisa & Dave (DEI) President